About Sportsbras.ca

SPORTSBRAS.CA has been in business since 2003. We are a Canadian company, female owned and operated. We have sold thousands of bras and are your go to PROFESSIONAL when it comes to sports bras. Our FEMALE CEO, Brigitte Lessard, loves supporting women and delivering "WOW" to her friends and customers!
She has been “supporting” women since 1999 when she started the Women Sports Store with Canadian Olympian Danielle Goyette. She also owned a women's gym for more then 8 years so she knows women NEED "support".

EC3D Compression 480
Our Price: 60.00
Anita dynamiX 5537
Our Price: 89.00

Our Price: 99.00

Our Price: 89.00

Max Sports Bra 4490
Our Price: 67.00