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No need for surgery, we have a prescription for you!


Many women with large breasts (DD to HH +) suffer from back aches, neck pain, numbness in the fingers in hands, migraine headaches, even shortness of breath. For some of them, any kind of high impact activity is out of the question. Jumping jacks? No way, someone could get hurt!! Some women resort to wearing 2 to 3 bras or literally try squeezing their breasts into a bra that’s too small for them in order to lock things down, or they finally might even consider breast reduction surgery. BUT WAIT…. No need to go under the knife - we can help!

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, in 2011-2012 there were 12,684 breast reductions performed in Canada. Shocking! Time to back away from the knife ladies, there are sportsbras out there that will give you all the support you need. At SPORTSBRAS.CA we have incredibly supportive bras that will change your life! That’s right… I said CHANGE YOUR LIFE! When we get a larger breasted customer into a properly fitted sportsbra that provides full support, their reaction is often total shock!! Who knew you could get this kind of support for the "girls"??!! They literally jump for joy (and NOTHING moves)!!!!

My advice: if you have the right amount of support in your everyday bra but can’t seem to find enough support for your higher impact activities, no need to go under the knife. There are sportsbras out there that CAN fully support you. Our
bra in particular is life changing if you're well-endowed. It will give you all the support you need, plus take all the weight off of your shoulders and neck and it will even help your posture. Once it is strapped on, you can jump, run, ride or gallop into the sunset – and it will feel like you left the "girls" at home!

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Wizard of Braz Blog
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