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Silicone Nipple Covers

Re-usable Silicone Nipple Cover These feather-light silicone nipple covers are completely invisible under any type of clothing, so they're perfect for form fitting tops, bathing suits, anything strapless, sports bras - or no bra at all. So lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them - until you pass by a mirror and notice your bump-free bust line.
1. Stay in place, self-adhesive, no tape or glue needed
2. Very Comfortable that you almost forget you have it on
3. Invisible. Absolutely natural feel and look
4. Made of 100% Quality Ultra-Soft Silicone. No harm to skins
5. Reusable. Can be hand washed with warm water and soap
6 .Great for wearing under T-shirt, sweaters, sheer bras, sport bras, bathing suits and everyday wear...etc

-Nude Color, One Size Fits All

Our Price: 6.00